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About This Service

Due to very high levels of demand the Online Counselling Service is now fully booked for this year.

We are not accepting new applications until the 4th January 2018.

If you are wanting to make an application, please contact us again at the beginning of January.

In the meantime we encourage you to seek support from your GP or local doctor where you are and/or speak with a member of staff where you are or, if appropriate to contact the University of Leeds Study Abroad team. You might also consider accessing our free online resources at the following links:

Online or self-help resources

Big White Wall Resources and Self Help

Our website has a wide range of useful information and links. You could try one of our MP3 downloads for help with relaxation or have a look at our comprehensive range of self-help guides. You might like to try some external resources: Or you can look at a longer list of A-Z of online resources to help you find information and advice on issues you may be facing.

Talk to your school or faculty

Is your problem about work or affecting your work? Your personal tutor or Education Service Officer may be able to help and should know if things are going on for you which are getting in the way of your work. See our list of faculties to find contact information.

Contact your GP

It might be worth getting yourself checked out, especially if you are feeling really depressed or physically run down. The Leeds Student Medical Practice also has a really useful website.

Emergency or crisis

If you need help in a crisis situation, see our contacts page for more information.